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The so-called distinction bet
The so-called distinction between men and women in the film itself is simply an analogy. From the surface, the "Godfather" is a masculine man, and "Roman Holiday" is a lady with a light personality. This topic about the gender of the film can be further explored from the perspective of the audience of the film. When we go to the theater to consume, customers of different classes, ages, skin colors and genders buy different movie types to please themselves and spend time. The creators have created a series of legendary stories of iron or tenderness, some of which are touching (such as action films), which make the male audience scream, but the girls are quite disdain. At the same time, there are some plots of the film. The lingering enthusiasm (such as pure love film) made the female audience sitting in front of the screen touched with tears, while the boyfriend who accompanied them was lying on the seat, facing up and screaming. What is the cause of this aesthetic difference? It seems easy to give the answer to this question, because everyone knows that police films and sci-fi films are inevitably male favorites, and love films and comedies are the types that women love to see. For example, the example of "The Godfather" and "Roman Holiday" at the beginning of the article, the former is not only a man and the audience is generally a man, the latter is just the opposite, the feminine temperament film has women to join the game (that is, men usually love to watch temperament For the masculine "man film" or "man drama", women mostly like to watch the feminine "female film" or "woman drama". At this point, what profound insights can this topic unearth? But when we find that girls are relishing suspense action movies like "Bourne", and the boys are deeply immersed in the space of fortune created by the pure love comedy "My Sassy Girl", many problems are not Again, this simple article will cite a number of well-known film and television masterpieces to analyze in detail the different plots designed by different gender audiences to answer why the film (and TV series) also divides men and women and explores What kind of film can satisfy the audience of all the audiences. From the beginning of "Blue Life and Death" and "Winter Sonata", Korean dramas swept the female audience market of China, Japan and Korea in an unstoppable way. For example, in the past two years, the "You from the Stars" (hereinafter referred to as "Star You"), the drama has a great influence in South Korea. After the broadcast of the Chinese video website, it has set off an unusually crazy Korean drama. wave. The names and names of the characters in the play spread throughout China's streets and alleys. Quan Zhixian's expensive luxury costumes are a topic of interest to the female compatriots who are chasing the trend. Many of the items with the protagonist are sold out of stock online Marlboro Lights. . As for this TV series made up of various old and old Hollywood bridges, why can it be popular, besides the star��s distinctive and charming performances, it is inseparable from the creative team��s accurate judgment on the consumer market��s taste. The class occasions are not too tired to talk about the drama are female audiences, and many male viewers have expressed no interest in "Star You", and never intend to see, let alone pursue. If someone is confused about the difference in attitude between the two sexes, it is easy to find the answer to the question from the plot mode and character design of the play. Although the subject matter involves science fiction, there is no doubt that the whole story is about love and love: a desperate actress, who is handsome, worth hundreds of millions, good taste, and super power. No regrets, no love, even when she is in danger of life Marlboro Cigarettes, the other party can descend from the sky and save it in danger. This kind of story interpretation is not a great satisfaction for every heart filled with protection. And from childhood, I have dreamed of a woman who can experience a great and great love with the Prince Charming? In the TV series Newport 100S, Jiuyi, who played by Jeon Ji-hyun, has lost her fatherly love, and the heroine played by Kim Soo-hyun, who has been perfected by the intemperance of the script, always secretly gives us the helpless heroine. He In addition to touching the nerves of women's love at all ages, the care of the girls has satisfied the love complex of many girls to a certain extent (often, the father is the woman's first lover). Considering that cruel reality and beautiful fairy tales are always far apart, the vast majority of women who live on the earth are full of disappointment and dissatisfaction with men, so the romantic and dreamy "woman drama" "Star You" has nothing to do Doubt is the ideal choice to help them get rid of reality and obscenity utopian love. It seems no surprise that the male compatriots have no good feelings about this TV series. If the work starring Quan Zhixian makes up for the shortcomings of many girls in life, then more than a decade ago, "My Sassy Girlfriend", which made her a hit in the Asian film circle, satisfied the goddess of the otaku. fantasy. Usually we think that the pure love comedy "My Sassy Girlfriend" adapted from popular online novels is aimed at the female market Marlboro Gold, but as long as a little research is done, it can be found that this is a movie that is very pleasing to the male youth group. The filming car Tai Taixian plays the morning glory is an old-fashioned bachelor with a fascinating temperament, and he is lazy and lazy. It is really amazing that such a grassroots boy who is doing nothing can develop a love story with such a beautiful heroine as Quan Zhixian��s beauty actress. Even more incredible is that the marriage seems to be a godsend, the male protagonist does not pursue the other side, the goddess will choose to be with him. The film's identification mechanism will gradually push the audience into the role of the screen as the story progresses gradually. Unconsciously, we love what we love, hate what we hate, as if we are the charac
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