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alf an hour of "computer t
My mother is looking forward to becoming a woman every day, and she is not lax in my study. Usually, TV, computer and even touch it. I finally got to Friday night - I can have half an hour of "computer time." Just turned on the computer Wholesale Cigarettes, many programs have not been loaded, and you see a "dark" finger slamming the "shutdown" button. I looked up - it was my black-faced mother! I am a little angry: "Mom, let's not say it, as long as the homework is 'excellent' in one week, and the school work and homework on the weekend have been completed, can I play the computer for half an hour on Friday night? Mom still doesn't change color: "In any case, you can't play this computer today! Next Monday, your mathematics is going to be a unit test, and you are still playing computer here! Still not reviewing quickly! "I heard it, I was even more angry: "Mom, next Monday's math unit exam, it's too late to review on Sunday! "Do you know how bad your math is!" You must review from today to Sunday Marlboro Cigarettes, and your mathematics can guarantee ��full good��! Otherwise, at your current level, it��s good to take ��good��! "Mom is a sneer. Why?! Why?! My math is not bad! Is it not to review, not to take "good"? The grievances in my heart are accumulating. But mother, continue to count Me: "How good is a certain mathematics! What do people rely on �C review before the exam Cheap Cigarettes, summed up after the exam! I only let you review now, and have kept the requirements to a minimum! But you, not only do not review, but also play computer! I tell you, this unit test, the wrong topic is written ten times on the �� wrong title set��
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